Easing Parking in the City

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NYC Councilman David Greenfield introduced three bills in the City Council last week intended to make parking easier for New Yorkers. “I am committed to making life easier for all of New York’s drivers,” Greenfield said. “These bills are each designed to solve a real problem in a practical way. I will continue to promote common-sense reforms such as these that will help to ease some of the congestion and headaches that have historically come with driving a car in New York.”

The first bill will allow parking in front of non-functional fire hydrants. Many of New York’s fire hydrants are not functional and simply have not been removed. Greenfield’s bill will do away with the parking restriction for inoperable hydrants, opening up valuable parking space all over the city. Non-functioning fire hydrants would be painted green so that drivers will know which hydrants they may park in front of.

Greenfield has also sponsored a bill that will prohibit the city from towing any vehicle unless that vehicle has first been immobilized with a wheel lock for at least 72 hours beforehand. This rule would not apply to vehicles illegally parked at bus stops, fire hydrants, crosswalks, or in tow away zones, that are blocking legal driveways, or when the immediate towing of the vehicle is required as a matter of public safety.

Finally, Greenfield is proposing a law that will do away with the requirement to feed parking meters on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is often the most-ticketed day of the year, as shoppers find themselves waiting in long lines, unable to return to move their cars or feed the parking meter. Greenfield’s bill would allow these shoppers to support New York’s local businesses without fear of coming back to a ticket on their windshield.

The bills will be considered by the City Council.



  1. non-functional fire hydrants – If they are non functional why can’t it just be removed?
    I don’t know why Mr. Greenfield is so proud of the four hour parking sign on Friday. I live off thirteenth Ave. Even in the summer almost every store along the entire length of 13th ave is closed by 5 pm. (except for food stores which at that time of day is usually serving last minute locals) The whole concept of parking meters is to free up parking spaces for shoppers. If the shoppers aren’t there then why can’t local residents park there for free after 5pm on Fridays? I wish he would do something about yeshiva busses which hog hundreds of parking spaces all over Boro Park. Maybe get a lot someplace to park.

  2. Very annoying ads that are covering the news from all 4 sides. Its also squeezing this main column. Is there a way to reduce or click off the side ads?


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