Brooklyn Man In Desperate Need Of A Kidney


richard-woontyler1010 WINS reports: A Brooklyn man has had more than his share of misery and now he’s doing his best to survive because he has a lot to live for. When Richard Woontyler’s kidneys failed three years ago hope was┬ánot lost because his teenage son was a perfect match. But the boy was tragically killed while opening his car door on a highway.

Now Woontyler will have to depend on the kindness of a stranger. Doctors say Woontyler has an eight percent chance of finding a match.

Woontyler is kept alive by dialysis which leaves him racked with pain and too weak to even climb the stairs to his bedroom.

The 52-year-old wants only to be healthy enough to work and enjoy time with his wife and eight children.

“I want to see the bar mitzvahs, the weddings and I want to be able to support the family – future generations – and right now I’m not able to do that,” Woontyler said.

“I have a daughter that’s giving birth any second now,” Woontyler said. “She’s giving birth in Melbourne, Australia and I can’t be there.”

Anyone with type A or O blood who are willing to donate are asked to e-mail Please provide your blood type, phone number and contact information.



  1. Thank you Matzav for putting this important article on your website! Which I think is the first Jewish website that has done so!

    This frum man that I know who is from Crown Heights, is father of 9 children is in very desperate need of a kidney. Had both of his kidneys removed! Hashem Yerachaim!

    Lauren Finkelstein of the organization had contacted me earlier this week and wanted to help someone on my list of people who need a kidney. So I recommended this man, who is suffering more than most others I know of who need a kidney. And so Lauren contacted the media about him. She is getting responses from this news story from people considering kidney donation and forwarding to me. I will be doing the initial screening before referring them to the hospital to test.

    This poor man has already lost a son, at 23 years old died, when he was getting out of a car, hit by another car, r”l.

    He is on dialysis for years and has only an 8% chance in finding a match. I hope his life will be saved before it’s too late.

    I donated a kidney to a stranger in September 2005. Since my kidney donation, I have been wanting to do more – so I now have a project to help others in need of a kidney. I don’t get paid for this and don’t charge a fee. My brother donated a kidney as well- to someone on my list of people in need of a kidney.

    This man has very high antibodies, making it so difficult to find a match. Please help!!!

    I hope people reading this article about this wonderful person will come forward to help save his life!

    My project is endorsed by Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser.

    Chaya Lipschutz
    (917) 627-8336


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