Brooklyn: Mosdos-Backed Dan Goldman Declares Victory Over Anti-Israel Yuh-Line Niou

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Political newcomer Dan Goldman, who is tailed closely by Manhattan Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou – an outspoken critic of Israel – in early elections returns, has declared victory in the 10th Congressional District at a campaign watch party in SoHo despite the race being too close to call. Goldman received the backing of local Boro Park mosdos. Absentee ballot counts will prove crucial in that primary.

The City reports that nearly 21,502 Democratic voters in the 10th District – the newly created district that includes portions of Boro Park – had requested absentee ballots, with 7,849 ballots returned, according to numbers released by the city Board of Elections. Goldman leads runner-up Niou by around 1,000 votes.

“I am proud to stand in front of you here today as your Democratic nominee for Congress,” Goldman told supporters. “And while we appreciate and respect the democratic process and will make sure that all the votes are counted, it is quite clear from the way that the results have come in that we have won.”

Niou told supporters at her own campaign party: “We will not concede until we count every vote.”



  1. While it’s good he (may have) beat the antisemite, he should be dropped like a hot potato and not get one vote from any Jew come election day. DemoncRats need to hear loud and clear that we will NOT support their anti-religious, anti-moral, anti-human agenda!

    • Nothing to worry about because Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and other parties will soon be obliterated. Blockchain digital election voting will be going into effect all over the world. Even the most extreme Democrats and Liberals will be able to vote for Trump or Bibi from the privacy of their homes.

    • First we all have to be registered and vote, otherwise we have no power at all. Not voting is our real problem becuase the African Americans vote and have the voting power to Elect jew haters like bowman and the rest of the anti semites becuase we dodnt vote.

    • The problem with your advice is that Boro Park is part of the 10 th District. This new district encompasses parts of Lower Manhattan and Park Slope both of which are liberal and out number us.

      Voting Republican will not help.

    • Let me ask you. Do you live in the district did u vote did you encourage your family to vote?. We need to start voting it’s extremely important as our community grows in numbers.

      • Yes. I vote in every primary, special election, and main election that I can vote in. I’m a registered Republican living in Midwood so generally there is no one for me to vote for in a primary. All my kids are registered Republicans as well. My wife remained a democrat so she voted more often than us. We always vote for the candidate that is closest to OUR values, regardless of how miniscule of a chance they have to win the overall election. We don’t throw our Torah values out the window just to jump on some deviant degenerate reprobate bandwagon because they’re in the lead! All the people who openly support toaiva candidates can jump in the lake.

  2. That they endorsed Goldman should be astounding, but very little is astounding anymore. This low life besides pushing every sort of garbage came out in his Hamodia Interview as rather anti frum curriculum.
    Heimeshe organization leaders have to get control of themselves, grow up, and decline to endorse any candidate when the choice is between versions of Trotsky, Mao, Rosa Luxembourg, Brezhnev

    Who’s responsible for allowing public societies presently being this situation?!

    Even more insane, as Goldman is a very distant relative of mine.

    • Amein!
      If these self appointed “community leaders” were around during Noachs generation, they would of strongly endorsed the toaiva/mishgav zachor candidate who believed in ginaiva and avoda Zara as well. Who cares about what the Aibishter wants? We have to vote for those on the ballot who will suspend alternate sides on Purim. Wicked evil kleineh kep askanim.

  3. I have a question for those that are registered republican in NYC and for those that are upset that the Mosdos endorsed Goldman. I remain a registered democrat because I know in November barring an open miracle, the republican candidate has no chance of winning. I will probably vote conservative / republican then anyway. But in the primary, I want the best of the worst to win. And to those upset about the mosdos supporting Goldman We see that Goldman won by only 1000 or so votes, our community put him over the top. Would it be better to have a progressive anti – semite as the winner? To me it’s a no brainer. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”

  4. Goldman is far from a guy I want in congress but these days a NY Democrat who isn’t openly hostile to the frum community is a good guy already. And NY has a one party (Democratic) system. Therefore like always in politics you take the least of the evils

  5. Previous 2 commentors: the red line is where? Is there any at all? What sort of governmental situation will they decline to support either candidate? And who got us into this reality-and what will tomorrow bring?


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