Brothers Arrested for Stealing Attaros from Flatbush Shuls

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shulTwo brothers posing as “good Jewish boys” were busted for allegedly robbing three Brooklyn shuls of silver attaros, law enforcement sources said.

The two, one a 19-year-old and one a 23-year-old grabbed talleisim and attaros from the Flatbush shuls during the spree from June 27 to July 1, the sources said, adding that they were either caught on video or spied by stunned members of the shuls.

They also stole other silver items, including two menorahs worth more than $1,000, from their mother, cops said.

Sources indicated that the two culprits are drug addicts with histories of personal problems.

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  1. Drug addiction in the frum community needs to be dealt with and not covered up. An addict will steal from his mother and his shul because it is safer and easier than stealing from someone who might shoot him.

  2. To #1, its not being covered up. I’ve seen many frum Yidden at AA meetings. We don’t need to have news reports exposing “kids at risk”, that’s why 12 step programs are anonymous.

  3. Stealing leads to murder. These young men have to be put away for their own good and the good of the community.


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