Brussels Airport Bombers Planned to Attack Travelers Flying to Israel


Mohamed Abrini, who was captured last week after appearing in video footage at Brussels airport walking alongside two suicide bombers, said that his accomplices had planned to attack travelers who were flying to Israel, the U.S. and Russia, French BFM TV reported on Thursday.

The attacker known as ‘man in white’ or ‘man in hat’ due to his appearance in security footage from before the deadly bombings – and who, unlike the other two attackers, did not die in the explosion at the Brussels airport – told interrogators that one of the terrorists’ specific targets at the Brussels airport was the outgoing lounge for passengers embarking to Tel-Aviv.

Abrini, caught last weekend, said that fellow attacker Ibrahim El Bakraoui was the one who picked the targets at the airport: Waiting areas for flights to the United States, Russia, and Tel Aviv.

Apparently, Yediot Achronot reports, the plan went awry when Abrini hesitated, and fled the scene after the two other attackers exploded. “I couldn’t hurt a fly,” he said during questioning. “I haven’t become an extremist and never visited Syria.”

David Israel



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