Bubbie of Baltimore: Mrs. Goldie Kastel a”h


candle-small3Mrs. Goldie Kastel, who dedicated her life to education, passed away on Shabbos afternoon, Kislev 20, 5771. She was 92. Today, 21 Kislev, was going to be her 93rd birthday.

A daughter of Rabbi Dovid Patashnick, a Chossid and shochet in Baltimore, Maryland, she returned to her hometown in recent years and was known as the ‘Bubbe’ of the Lubavitch community there.

After her marriage to Rabbi Yehoshua Tanchum Kastel, they moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where he worked as a teacher in Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s Maimonides school.

When the Lubavitch Yeshiva of Boston closed due to financial difficulty, Rav Yosef Yitzchak Schneershon gave them his blessings to reopen the school, which at its prime had over 300 Jewish pupils.

They instilled in their students the love for Torah and Mitzvos. Notwithstanding the many hardships those days offered, they ran school for 25 years and never turned away a student whose parents could not pay tuition.

When she turned 90, Mrs. Kastel credited her longevity to two things: her 120 grand and great-grandchildren and the fact “that we always made sure the teachers were paid on time – even if it meant that we were not,” she said referring to the school in Boston.

The Kastel family later moved to Philadelphia where Rabbi Kastel taught in the Lubavitch-run Beth Jacob school, and Mrs. Kastel worked in the Lubavitcher Center of Rabbi Avraham Shemtov. In 1990 they moved to Baltimore, where her husband passed away in 1991.

She is survived by her children Rabbi Kasriel Kastel of Crown Heights; Mrs. Belkie Bloomberg of Baltimore; Mrs. Rivky Geisinsky of Crown Heights; Mrs. Tzippy Lisbon of Baltimore; and Rabbi Mordechai Kastel of Rechovot, Israel; grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Levaya and Shiva Info

The levaya will be held today, November 28, at 12 noon, at Shomrei Hadas chapel in Boro Park.Kevurah will be at the Old Montefiore cemetery in Queens.

The family will be sitting Shiva at the Lisbon home, located at 3803 Menlo Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215. They can be reached by phone 410-542-0942 or email rabbilisbon@gmail.com

Yehi zichrah boruch.



  1. “was known as the ‘Bubbe’ of the Lubavitch community there.”

    Your headline should be adjusted accordingly – not Bubbie of whole community, rather of Lubavitchers there.

  2. I didn’t have the zechus of meeting her, she moved in after my time, but from what I’ve heard about the family, and this article, have no doubt that she was widely loved by those who knew her.

  3. FYI (#1) definitely needs a lesson in midos. He (or she) has demanded of the editor thus:

    “Your headline should be adjusted accordingly – not Bubbie of whole community, rather of Lubavitchers there.”

    Would it really hurt FYI, Lubavitch, the menocha herself or kehilas Boston if she is referred to as the bubbie of Boston?


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