Buha Buha Buha = Triplets

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During a recent visit to Bikkurim, a convalescent home at the Ramada hotel in Israel for mothers after birth, a reporter spoke to Mrs. Batya Zlotnick, the dedicated supervisor, who revealed a group of three beautiful triplets whose loud cries filled the air in the nursery. She explained the remarkable story behind their birth.

The triplets’ father once approached Rav Yeshayahu Epstein, the loyal right-hand man of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, and said, “I would like to receive a special brachah from Rav Chaim – not just something stam, such as the word ‘buha’ [an abbreviation for ‘brachah vehatzlachah’] that Rav Chaim has been using over the past couple of years.”

Rav Yeshaya smiled and said, “Rav Chaim’s ‘buha’ is not ‘stam.’”

The yungerman waited in line, and when his turn arrived, he requested a brachah for children. Rav Chaim smiled his aristocratic smile and said, “Buha, buha, buha.” And so it was that the couple was blessed with triplets.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. It’s time people wake up and realize that for any help you need the real one to turn to is Hashem himself with true tefillos from your heart. Then you will never be turned away unanswered. Karov Hashem lechol….


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