BUMBLING BERNIE: Watch: Jewish 2020 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Says He Would Move The US Embassy Out Of Yerushalayim If He Thought It Was A Way To Get A Peace Deal



  1. Where’s the peace deal with the embassy out of the Jewish capital all these years? Who’d vote for a boor as President?

  2. No fan of Bernie to put it mildly but he is 100% correct this time.

    Theoretically, IF peace can be achieved but one of the requirements would be moving the embassy out of Yerushalayim then I’m all for it.

  3. I wasn’t at all for the embassy move, but to move it back from Jerusalem ain’t gonna achieve no piece, never in a million years

  4. Why is this surprising. Like all self hating Jews, he has to go one better than our enemies. He has to show how “fair” he is etc.

    We should all daven that this Communist, sanei Yisrael doesn’t get anywhere near the White House.

  5. Chuck Todd from NBC is a nut for asking such a pathetic question and he knows that its a pathetic question… and he also knows he can ask such a question to a dunce like Bernie who lost his mind together with his hair many years ago.
    How this dunce still has a following is beyond me…


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