Video, Photos: Terror Returns: 1 Dead, 30 Injured in Bus Bombing in Yerushalayim

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bombing-in-yerushalayim-1[Initial report below, 4:02 IDT, Updates and photos below.] Police say that a bomb has exploded next to Egged Bus  #74 outside Binyanei Ha’uma in Yerushalayim. Reports from the scene are that 20-30 people have been injured.

Magen David Adom units are reporting casualties, but that has not been confirmed.

A large number of police and ambulances are on the scene.

The bombing occurred at about 3:00 IDT.

Update, 4:38 IDT: The blast, according to Yerushalayim residents, was heard throughout the city and blew out the windows of two crowded buses.

15 of the injured suffered serious wounds and were taken to hospitals. Contrary to earlier reports, we are now being told that there have been no deaths. Bus #74 was on its way to Har Nof.

The AP has quoted Meir Hagid, one of the bus drivers, as stating that he heard a loud explosion as he drove by the site, located near the main entrance to Yerushalayim and the Tachaneh Hamerkazit. “I heard the explosion in the bus stop,” he said. He halted his vehicle and people got off. He said nobody in his bus was hurt.

The last suicide bombing in Yerushalayim was in 2004.

bombing-in-yerushalayim-15Update, 4:45 IDT: At the time of the bombing, Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu was in his home in Yerushalayim, preparing to fly to Moscow. Mayor of Yerushalayim Nir Barkat was at the scene of the terrorist attack just minutes after the blast.

Update: 4:55 IDT: Daniel Chanoch of was told by Yerushalayim police that of approximately 20 people injured, about five were hurt seriously.

It has also been indicated thus far that this was not carried out by a suicide bomber. A bomber’s body was not found.

Chezky Ezra of Arutz Sheva reported that the bus appeared relatively whole and that the charge may have been placed under one of the seats. It is also possible that the charge was planted somewhere along the street and set off when the bus passed by. A police spokesman says the bomb was left in a bag near the Tachaneh Hamerkazit.

Update, 5:24 IDT: Yitzchok Aharonovich, Israel’s minister of public security, says Palestinian terrorists planted a one-kilogram (2-pound) device in a bag on the sidewalk, setting off the explosion.

6:08 IDT: A 59-year-old woman was killed in the terrorist attack.

ZAKA volunteers, who were meeting to discuss arrangements on sending a rescue and recovery team team out to Japan, ran to the scene of the explosion, carrying their emergency first aid equipment.

Motti Bukchin, ZAKA volunteer, said: “We immediately began treating the wounded – two women who were lying on the pavement, by the side of the bus. We were joined by other ZAKA volunteers and emergency workers who assisted in treating and evacuating the wounded to hospital. We have not witnessed scenes like these in Jerusalem for years.”

Initial report, 4:02 IDT: An explosion has been reported on or near a bus in central Yerushalayim this afternoon. Details will be reported as they come in. A reporter is on the scene.

Click below for video:

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See below for photos at the scene:

{Yair Israel, Daniel Chanoch-Yerushalayim}


  1. I hope the report of deaths are indeed not true.

    They should find out who did this and wipe out their family – TODAY.

    Enough is enough.

  2. Every world leader esp. from the West can be considered an accomplice to the terrorists if they demand that Israel to make way for a so-called “Palestinian” state.

  3. Let’s see Netanyahu, what are you going to do about this?

    Its time for Israel to tell the world mind your own business and start a full crusade against the terrorist and really clean the place up of these cold blooded animals.

    Israel should do what every normal country would do if terror strikes. Enough with this double talk of peace.

  4. But of course Amercica can bomb Libya which hasnt hurt one American or done anything on our soil and Israel has to show restraint when people come into their land and try to kill as many civilians as possible and their people back home celebrate

  5. The Arabs in general teach their children to hate and murder Jews. They show their little children videos of Barney, and other characters, who sing to them about how glorious it is to hate and kill Jews. Have you ever been taught in school to hate and kill Arabs? I wasn’t, neither were my children nor anyone else that I know of.

  6. Brute force is what is needed, Mr. Netanyahu. Go into wherever these savages live and destroy the infrastructure there. No more games with these savages.

  7. Yup, kishke, that’s the way to do it! The Islamists are the ones with the nuclear power; let’s just incite them enough to use it…. I don’t know about you but I would rather live.

  8. Instead of posting comments on blogs(which won’t help anything)get involved in groups that get the message heard in Washington and to the media.

  9. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad harshly condemned the bombing in Jerusalem on Wednesday that killed one person and wounded at least 30 others in Jerusalem, calling it a “terror attack”.

    “Even though we do not have enough information regarding the attack, I harshly condemn this act of terror regardless of who is behind it,” said Fayyad, wishing a quick recovery to all those wounded from the bombing.

  10. Im sick to my stomach. I am so angry. I keep saying the same thing. I keep reiterating what we’re dealing with here. I am ANGRRY! It is unbelievable. If I would ever find the terrorist who did this I would rep his brains out and wipe out his whole family.

  11. To the earlier writer:

    How would the attck be REVENGE for another attack on Jews? Your question doesnt make one iota of sense.

  12. stop pontificating and just daven and say Tehillin for the injured people, including two yeshiva bochurim. end of story. and learn a mishnah for the nifeteres.

  13. Bla bla bla. Everyone here talks like bigshots and would all melt away at the site of an Arab. Our only hope is G-d above. Leave your egos at home please.

  14. I never understand why some Jewish hotels/stores ect. employ Arabs- yes Arabs- to work in their hotels there are so many poor Israelis who WILL do anything to put food on their table- as they have nothing.I know what some of you might say -but not all Arabs are terrorists-but we cannot take the chance enough Jewish blood has been spilled.Only employ Jews.Let the Palestinian government give their people jobs in Ramalah and if they can’t find jobs TOO BAD- we will have to discriminate to save our own.The Israeli government has to stop with this politicaly correct nonsense! Don’t put any faith in the Israeli government only Hashem can save us!Daven and Daven some more!

  15. does anyone think Hashem is showing us something especially in adar first egypt then libya then tunisia then japan then fogel family now this also i know personally people who got tzaros bdavka in adar i think it is time to do teshuva

  16. #1, we should all know that nothing will come for not standing up / confronting for what is right.
    #2, we should all search ourselves and see what we can do to make ourselves better, because each of us making improvements can improve the situation. HaShem wants each of us to conduct ourselves according to Torah and Mitzvos.
    Are we treating our friends and family with respect, are we dealing in business fairly, and much more.

  17. There is a tehillem teleconferance for the young girl who was in the attack. If you would like to join in and say tehillem, the number is 712-432-0900 and the pin is 120378 instead of haking on here. Im shaken to the core, i dont understand how humans rather animals are able to kill a person, a bus load of them!!! what is going through their mind, i wish i knew!!!

  18. Violence will end against the Jews ONLY when you say “God help us; no more back and forth with violence. After (Post date) we will immediately wipe out such and such . Send the bad guys leaders a formal notice .. ie .. that it is over. Tell them to live and so forth but IF ANY violence happens after this date MAY GOD HELP YOU. No warning no equal force … massive retaliation will BE YOUR LEADERS DECISION. YOU HAVE BEEN FORMALLY WARNED in public. Please go home and leave the Jews in Peace.

  19. The Parsha Shemini is about the completion of the inauguration of the Tabernacle. The number seven represents all things occurring within the natural construct of this finite world, while the number eight represents all things beyond nature, or infinity. According to Rashi, the eighth day was the day of re-establishing the eternal connection with the Almighty that we had lost when we stumbled and fumbled with the golden calf. Here at the beginning of this portion, we are witness to the momentous occasion of our reconciliation with our Creator, who is beyond all things natural and supernatural. Once Aaron had achieved atonement with the final offerings of the eighth day, the Shechina descended into full view and all of the people fell on their faces. G-d resumed His place among His people. Thus the Torah reminds us that we are a Holy people whose very existence as a nation is beyond nature. Therefore, the prime minister would do well to remember that G-d is the Guardian of Israel and that destroying Jewish homes gives the impression to our enemies that the Israeli government has abandoned the Jewish people who remained in Samaria leaving at the mercy of the Arab cutthroats. The only way to prevent more killing is for the Israeli politicians to back up the Jewish heroes who are establishing their homes on Jewish land in the face of Arab hatred and, worse yet, Israeli government apathy. More at

  20. I cant believe the holy city was bomb free since 2004. The hellish suicide days seem so recent, zol der aibishter helfen…

  21. you definitely do not bentch gomel!! Gomel is only if you were IN a dangerous situation (ie. on that bus) and got saved. You were never in danger…


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