Bus Driver Arrested for Leaving Yeshiva Boy on Bus

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school-busA bus driver for a yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY, was arrested today and charged with abandonment of a child after allegedly leaving a two-year-old boy locked in a bus for several hours, police said.

The toddler was seen by passersby standing in the stairwell of the parked bus and screaming at about 10:30 a.m. on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. Police officers found the front doors of the 2007 Thomas Built bus locked with a chain, but they were able to get inside from the unlocked rear door.

The boy was taken to Woodhull Medical Center on Broadway, where he was found to be in good condition and was released to his mother.

Local residents located the driver who told officers that he had checked the bus before locking it.  A law enforcement official said the bus driver had a valid license with school bus certification.

Police arrested the driver and charged him with abandonment of a child.

A law enforcement official said that the bus was registered to a cheder in Williamsburg.

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  1. #3: Yes, you do if you know that people are human.

    I am sure that every parent can find at least one instance in which something happened or almost happened to one of their children because they weren’t paying attention or didn’t notice what was going on.

  2. I was a bus supervisor for a girl’s school in Beitar Elite for 3 years. The bus driver cannot be responsible for watching children while driving the bus. There has to be another person in charge of watching the children. I always checked the bus before departing myself to make sure that there was nobody left. A few times I found sleeping children. It was always worth the few extra minutes to check.

  3. A two-year-old traveling alone on a bus? What is going on here? Maybe the bus driver should have checked more thoroughly, but what was such a small child doing on a bus without an adulton a bus in the first place?

  4. it’s funny how could it be “several hours” when I live a black away from that school and I see him daily finishing his round about 10:15 and the police arrest him already 10:30, and as fair that I know he have a clean drivers license and he is a school bus driver for about 8 years, and I just spoke to a father of a child of that school and they loved him very much and he is a careful driver


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