Bus Driver Insults Chareidim

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A bus driver of Tel Aviv’s Dan Transportation Company recently remarked of chareidim who were waiting at a bus stop to return to Bnei Brak from a Tel Aviv park: “Look, I’ve now got to stop and pick up these animals.” Additional rude comments he made after they boarded evoked shouts of protest from secular passengers on the bus.

In response, some of the chareidi passengers considered suing the company and its employee.

“The time has come for the chareidi public to stop being the step-child among Israel’s various sectors. Whoever insults this group should be punished to the full extent of the law,” said attorney Moshe Morgenstein, who took up the case. “If Dan fails to discipline the driver appropriately, my clients will take the necessary legal measures.”

The Dan Company stated in response, “We condemn any derogatory and unsuitable comment said against anyone and certainly if it comes from a driver providing a service. We do not intend to ignore such behavior. The driver will be summoned for a disciplinary hearing and the matter will be pursued to its conclusion. The Dan Company has the greatest respect and appreciation for our dedicated, faithful chareidi public.”

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. Everyone take one big step back. Yes, it was insulting. No, he should not have done it, but what has become of our society that someone saying something derogatory is news that everyone has to chew over. Deal with it and move on.

  2. And rosh hayeshivahs who denigrate chilonim and incite should also be prosicuted by the full extent of the law. Especially rabbinic leaders who work for the state!

  3. I’m fed up with many in the secular Israeli public,it’s not PC now to insult blacks or sephardim but haredim are considered fair game.I was on a city walking tour on Shabbat,and we went
    past the entrance to Meah Shearim ,one chiloni guy says”oi,galut in the middle of eretz Yisrael”.I turned to him and said “at least we look like Jews, you’re the one who looks like anyone in galut”.Later, the guide spoke about how “they”-the Ashkenazi secular socialist elite”(ASSEs)were trying to keep the haredim out of Musrara-the neighborhood next to Meah Shearim. This neighborhood was fine for poor Sephardic immigrants and haredim when it was on the border next to Jordanian snipers from 1948-1967 but how dare we want to live in such a now nice area when they want it!!!!


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