Bus Full of Jewish Children Pelted With Eggs, Stones, Window Smashed by Gang of Teenagers in Kent, UK, Shouting ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’

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sheerness-clock-tower-kent-englandA bus full of Chassidic children was pelted with stones and eggs by a group of teenagers who shouted “go back to where you came from” in Sheerness, a beach town on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK, Kent Online reported, citing police and eyewitnesses.

Kent Online said the Jews, from London, were visiting the town after a trip to Diggerland beach in Strood on Tuesday afternoon. Witnesses saw seven teenage boys and girls beset the hired bus with eggs and stones, smashing a window of the car as it turned into High Street from Millennium Way. The bus then stopped in a parking lot on Trinity Road, where the teenagers hurled more eggs at the children. No one was injured in the attack.

An eyewitness told Kent Online that the teenagers “were saying ‘[profanity] – go back to where you came from.’ I couldn’t believe some of the things they were saying.”

West’s Coaches Limited, based in South Woodford, London, sent another bus to retrieve the Jewish passengers and take them back to London. West’s Coaches Director Nick Brown said his company lost £1,000 from the attack to pay for a new window and the cost of sending another driver for the return trip.

Brown said: “The people on the coach were pretty shaken up. In the future we will have to warn ethnic minorities about bringing them to Sheppey.” He added abuse was also aimed at the driver, who is of Indian descent, Kent Online reported.

Heather Thomas-Pugh, chairman of Sheppey Tourism Alliance, told Kent Online: “We are extremely disappointed that this sort of behavior has happened on our island. When people take the time and trouble to come and visit us, they should expect Islanders to provide a warm welcome. It is incidents like this, from a minority, that prevent the Isle of Sheppey being seen in the correct light.”

A Kent Police spokesman confirmed to Kent Online that officers were called to reports of criminal damage at just before 1.50pm. It is not currently known if the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.


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  1. If this would have happened in NYC, the perps would be locked up and charged with a hate crime. But these incidents are almost a daily occurance in Britain and in Europe. The authorities don’t give a hoot thats why they get away with it

  2. Seven teenage boys and girls terrorizing a bus full of passengers, and no one came out of the bus to provide experience to the savages’ trauma surgeon?! What a Chilul Hashem!


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