Bush Speechwriter Thiessen: Snowden a Felon Who Endangers Our Lives


edward-snowdenEdward Snowden must in no way be perceived as a hero for leaking classified information about U.S. surveillance programs, George W. Bush’s former chief speechwriter Marc Theissen says.

Theissen, a Washington Post columnist, says Snowden’s charge that the programs abuse privacy rights – along with his flight from the U.S. and praise of the Chinese government – doesn’t add up.

“He’s hiding under the wing of Big Brother and accusing us of being Big Brother,” Theissen said.

“If he was really a hero, let him show one scintilla of evidence that anyone in the National Security Agency abused this power in any way. The existence of the program should not outrage anybody.”

He said Snowden’s claim that anybody’s emails can be read under the government’s secret surveillance has no basis in fact.

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  1. If it has no basis in fact – he didn’t leak anything. Why is “Big Brother” so scared of him? maybe because it does have basis in fact…


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