Business Kollel Network on Monetary Halacha Set to Launch in Elul


business-kollel-networkThe word “Business Halacha” may conjure up images of complex dinei Torah from complex business deals, but, in truth, hilchos Choshen Mishpat apply to the most basic day-to-day business transactions.

No one would contemplate running a kosher food production without ascertaining that it adheres to all the halachos in Yoreh Deah, but there is unfortunately no such sense of urgency to master hilchos Choshen Mishpat before signing up for a new job or starting a business.

As it has done in a host of parnassah related areas, the Parnassah Network organization has stepped up to the plate and filled this void. Kollel Learn and Network, a division of Parnassah Network, has introduced the new “Business Kollel Network,” which creates an international network of Batei Midrashim and kollelim across North American communities that will take part in a two year night seder program to learn hilchos Choshen Mishpat in a very practical, intriguing manner.

The program is geared to accommodate businessmen and professionals, as well as full time learners and is in conjunction with the Lakewood Bais Havad and the Business Halacha Institute. The program will include both chavrusa learning and shiurim, focusing on both the halachos‘s roots in Shulchan Aruch and its practical application in common real life scenarios, such as timely payments, commitments, pricing, competition, ribbis, etc. Local rabbanim and other talmidei chachamim with a keen grasp in monetary halacha will lead the programs in their individual communities with a distinctly localized feel.

A growing number of communities are signing up to participate in the program, which will iy”H commence on Rosh Chodesh Elul. Parnassah Network founder and director Reb Duvi Honig, who originated the Business Kollel Network, is elated with the public’s enthusiastic interest in the project. “We began with founding Learn and Network Kollel, which enhanced the primacy of limud haTorah in the life of a family breadwinner,” Reb Duvi explains. “Business Kollel Network brings this concept to the next level.”

A Business Halacha smart phone app was created, to download click here

To speak to the programs Rabbinical coordinator R Eliezer Cohen or For more information, please call 732-987-7704 ex 7237 or 212-328-9378 email

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