Business is Booming at Bobbie’s Place

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Dear Friend,

Frosted Glass doors. Out-of-the-way location. And a nameplate:

“Bobbie’s Place.”

Open the doors, and step into a world of smiles, warmth – and racks and racks of beautiful, current, brand-new children’s clothing.

The only thing missing? A cash register.

Bobbie’s Place was founded on a simple belief:

Every child deserves a chance to look good – and even struggling families deserve a Yom Tov season filled with Simcha, not stress.

Because for so many children and their families, clothes shopping is not just about an endless list of errands and long lines in the boutiques.

Because when there’s no money, there’s no wardrobe to buy.

Every Yom Tov brings untold stress. Every season – the wrenching choices between new pants and a warm coat, a Shabbos dress or a weekday skirt.

We know that wearing nice things does so much for a child. And at Bobbie’s Place, children walk in wide-eyed and walk out with straight backs and smiling faces.

Unfortunately, business is booming at Bobbie’s Place.

We now distribute over 9,000 outfits and coats per season out of five locations.

And we need your help!

Please click here and donate as generously as you can.

Help Bobbie’s Place provide beautiful new clothing – and make the child.

Bobbie’s Place operates with no overhead and an all-volunteer staff, so all donations go directly to purchase new clothing for these children.

Wardrobes + warmth.

Dresses + dignity.

Clothes + confidence for 9,000 children a year.


Michal and Avi Schick

Founders of Bobbie’s Place


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