Buttigieg Raises $24.8 Million, Tripling Haul In Previous Quarter

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Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg announced on Monday that his 2020 campaign raised nearly $25 million in the second quarter, tripling his haul from the first quarter of the year.

The 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Ind., said in a Twitter video that more than 400,000 donors contributed to his campaign for a total of $24.8 million.

The amount is three times the $7 million raised for his campaign in the first quarter, an impressive total for a relatively unknown candidate who at the time had not officially declared his candidacy.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. For supporters He is not primarily about winning it’s about making so much noise
    That itself will break the glass ceiling and any qualms
    that were once more drown and sunk by what he represents

  2. אשמנו מכל עם בושנו מכל דור
    How is it that wherever there is an orthodox frum Jewish presence eg California
    New York Illinois Maryland South Bend
    the worst perverts rise to the top ?somehow we blame it on everyone but ourselves?!

    • I question your statement. The frum community in S.B. is quite small, AFAIK.

      Lemayseh most Yidden, incl. frum, live in cities, and cities tend to be more liberal than rural areas or suburbs.

      • Do Jews just come to big cities & the atmosphere or does the big city and their calamitous devastating atmosphere develop where Jews are?

        chicken or the egg?

  3. Probably the lgbtq ️‍ movement is throwing full support behind him..

    America is sinking quickly
    The world is falling apart

  4. This evil pervert should stay home in South Bend and deal with his abusive police force and their racist policies. If he doesn’t care about police brutality against African-American’s in his home town where he is Mayor, then he can’t be trusted to be the President of the US. We can’t have a young WHITE racist as President. Mr. Pete is dangerous and should not be allowed by the media to become POTUS.

  5. It is shocking and terrifying how his lifestyle choices have earned him hero status. Our society has sunken so low that what the average person would never even admit publicly just a few years ago has become lauded and praised as brave and commendable. Absolutely shocking. Mashiach HAS to come soon. How could a honest, G-d fearing Jew even look at his picture?

  6. The founding fathers were for a Republic and against democracy except in a limited form.

    Jefferson did believe in greater element of democracy . but he was strongly opposed even more than many of the others to .. big cities which he termed “ulcers on the body politic”.

    they would ruefully remark they were prescient indeed.

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