Buttigieg To Jewish Leaders: U.S. Should Guide Israel Toward Better Policies

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Pete Buttigieg told a group of influential liberal Jewish leaders on Thursday that the United States should guide Israel’s government away from steps that he says are harmful to both the U.S. and Israel, and said the Trump administration’s actions on Jerusalem and the Golan Heights amount to the U.S. intervening in Israel’s domestic politics.

The Democratic presidential candidate also pushed back on the Republican argument that Jews who are concerned about the rising tide of anti-Semitism should flee the Democratic Party and vote for GOP politicians. He said that “fighting anti-Semitism, like fighting all forms of hate, must be a bipartisan cause,” multiple individuals who were in the room for his remarks tell NBC News.

“It’s pretty rich to see a White House that has welcomed in people who I think are nakedly anti-Semitic,” Buttigieg said, without naming anyone in particular. “The White House has made excuses for people who walked in the streets chanting, ‘Jews will not replace us.'”

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  1. I am sorry. Even IF this person was correct in everything that he says (and he most certainly is NOT), I could never vote for him, due to his lifestyle, about which he is so open, and of which he is so proud. How could Yidden contemplate electing a person, whose essence is termed an abomination, by the Torah?

  2. I am absolutely amazed Hillary and Obama so many things that was clearly anti Semitic minute and no one said a word I haven’t seen Trump do any of that stuff and yet they call him an Anti Semitic explain it to me and make sense

  3. This candidate is a perfect example of how the Democrat Party is anti-Semitic through and through. The suggestion that the U.S. “‘guide” i.e. force Israel toward better policies is an unmitigated chutzpah.

  4. Are there any pro-Israel Democrat candidates for President out of the 20 something nudniks? How far that party has fallen. So sad and dangerous.

  5. “Those poor, ignorant, unintelligent, backward Jews don’t know what’s good for them. Fortunately for them, Mayor Pete is here to save the day! Oh, Mayor Pete, what would our poor, benighted Jewish Israeli brethren ever do without you? Do we really need to wait for election day, or can we just declare you President right here and now? Yay for Mayor Pete!”

  6. so America intervening by recognizing Jerusalem and the Golan . but he says America should guide Israels policies better. in this guy saying that American should intervene in Israel’s policies? a hypocrite?


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