Buyer of IDF Chametz is a No-Show


idf-soldierThose in charge of the IDF’s not-kosher-for-Pesach food wished to get a head-start this year on selling it, but the would-be buyer stood them up.

All was set this morning for a man known as Abu-Shukri, the owner of a famous eatery in the Arab town Abu Ghosh just west of Yerushalayim, to purchase the chametz of the IDF. He did not show up at the appointed time, however, and dozens of calls to his cellular phone went unanswered.

Concern was expressed that he might have been threatened and warned not to cooperate with Jews, even though he has done so many times in the past. The search for the missing buyer continues, but the IDF says that in any event, a buyer will be found, and Israel’s army will remain Kosher for Passover.

Three Years Ago

In honor of Passover three years ago, this same Abu-Shukri bought all the wheat contracts at the Finexo foreign exchange brokerage company for a down payment of 100 shekels. However, a Hebrew internet site reported the news at the time in a manner that essentially accused the sellers of violating the ban on owning chametz on Passover. The report stated:

“For worried investors who might call the company to find out if their investments are actually in danger of going down the drain, the company will assure them that the chametz-sale contract is only ceremonial, and that the company is sure that Mr. Shukri also knows that this is the case, and the deal will be opened for re-negotiation after the holiday.”

Though the last clause is correct, the rest of the paragraph is not. A valid chametz-sale contract is not at all merely ceremonial, and the signatures of both the buyer and seller on the contract attest to this – regardless of what either signatory may say or even think while signing. Secular law, as well, recognizes one’s signature on a contract as being binding.

On the other hand, the contract itself states that the deal will be opened for re-negotiation immediately after the holiday, and that if not, it becomes automatically invalidated – and not retroactively.

{Arutz Shevah/ Newscenter}


  1. Your opening sentence of this article is loathesome and vile.

    If you want to go toe to toe about problems in hashgochoh, I am perfectly ready. Whose hashgochoh do you eat from? The only reason that you made that statement of Not- kosher for pesach food is because you want to stick it to a Zionist institution. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. There is more dirt in your halls than ours.

  2. what is the deiscussion?
    they allready sell pubilkly chametz on pessach in medinat israel.
    they sell trefa, are mehallel shabbat , sell chametz in pessach and open churches . the israeli state just wants to blong to the christian world. how else can they survive if not by beeing modern like them.
    they are all a bunch of goym !

  3. Mr. Blabla,

    If you were running the country how well do you think you would do in reality?
    Please grow up. If you have nothing to contribute then please remember. Syag Lechochmoh shtikoh.


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