California AG: ‘Ready to Fight’ Trump

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Xavier Becerra, California’s next attorney general, said Wednesday that he and his state would stand up to President-elect Donald Trump and his administration if it becomes necessary.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Becerra said, “I don’t think California is looking to pick a fight, we’re just ready to fight if someone tries to stop us from moving forward some progressive values that have helped so many Californians.” Becerra, a 12-term congressman and House Democratic Caucus chairman, is one of many leading the charge in California, where Democrats are already working to block some of Trump’s more controversial proposals.

Becerra, the son of an immigrant mother from Mexico and a U.S. citizen father, seems set to become the face of California’s resistance against the Trump administration, and he hasn’t been shy about announcing it. “We’re not interested in having folks try to stop us. We’ll look at the Constitution of the United States, and we’ll look at our California constitution and recognize that as any other states, we will do whatever the U.S. Constitution allows us to do to protect our people and advance our interests,” Becerra told Maddow. Read more at THE HILL.



  1. A local yokel wants to stand up to the federal government, especially when the latter is in the right; a state attorney general wishes to openly disregard the law of the country?

    Meet the people of the LAla land, and the fools who voted for them.


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