California Congressional Candidate Hit With Anti-Semitic Harassment

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A congressional candidate in California is being targeted by anti-Semites, reports Buzz Feed.

Erin Schrode is a 25-year-old Democrat running an underdog campaign to unseat Rep. Jared Huffman in California’s second congressional district. Schrode said commenters on the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi blog, posted her cell phone number and personal email, and said she had received a “deluge” of anti-Semitic abuse this week — and that she ultimately had to alert law enforcement to the matter.

Buzz Feed reports that the harassment began after several outlets profiled Schrode, who would be the youngest member of Congress if elected. California’s primary is coming up on Tuesday.

The harassment has been mostly online, Schrode said, though after her cell phone number was posted, she received a voicemail that was just the sound of someone hissing.

“Get out of my country, kike,” reads one message Schrode received. “Get to Israel where you belong. That or the oven. Take your pick.” Read more at Buzz Feed.



  1. Isn’t it interesting, how they tell us to leave America and go to Israel? The arabs tell us we have nothing to do with Israel. Who’s right???


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