California Democrat Makes a Fool Out of Himself: Says Denying Illegals Jobs Could Be “Unconstitutional”


pete-stark[Video below.] It is painfully clear from this latest clip of California Democrat Rep. Pete Stark at last weekend’s town hall that he has no idea what E-Verify – the federal employer citizenship verification program – is. Nor does he seem to care what it is, as he smirks at his informed constituents and asserts that denying jobs to illegal aliens could be “unconstitutional.”

Click below to watch:

[media id=886 width=400 height=300]

{Malkin/ Newscenter}


  1. With lawmakers like this, is it any wonder why California is in the ‘state’ that it is in? How about a ‘Legislative Competency Test’ administered prior to running for office and being retested every two or three years, like EMTs? This way we can know if a legislator is acting on principle – or on stupidity.


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