California Man Pleads Guilty To Anti-Semitic Plot Against Synagogue, Churches


A California man pleaded guilty Friday to a plot against an Orange County, Calif., synagogue and two churches he perceived as tied to the Jewish community, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Nicholas Wesley Rose, who allegedly kept a “kill list” of prominent Jewish people, pleaded guilty Friday to one felony count of carrying a loaded firearm not registered to him and three misdemeanor civil rights violations in connection with the threats.

After making his plea, Rose was sentenced to two years and three months in the Orange County Jail and another year in a residential mental health treatment program, along with five years’ probation under GPS monitoring. Rose is also required to remain at least 500 yards from the victims of his threats, according to the newspaper.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Anti Semitic, to blow up a church ?????? We really touting this anti Semitism thing- it probably just causes more

  2. He is a sick man, his own family called the police – we should admire them and be grateful, he can hardly tell the difference between a church and a synagogue. He should be treated in a mental health facility and monitored. Antisemitism is something else.

  3. Anti “Semitism” is not limited to people of the Jewish faith. It applies to any Semite or semitic group. That includes Somali’s, Ilan Omar’s place of birth.


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