California: Nazi Papers Turned Over to Archives


nuremberg-naziDocuments that historians say laid the groundwork for the execution of Jews during the Holocaust were turned over to the National Archives on Wednesday by the private, nonprofit Huntington Library in San Marino.

The library has had charge of the four pages since Gen. George Patton deposited them there at the end of World War II. General Patton, a war trophy collector who disobeyed orders when he spirited them out of Germany, grew up in San Marino and was friends with Huntington officials.

United States Archivist David Ferriero said he hoped to put the Nuremberg Laws on display in Washington by Sept. 15, the 75th anniversary of their signing by Adolf Hitler.

The papers, which among other things rescinded the citizenship of German Jews, are the only original pieces of Nuremberg trial evidence missing from the National Archives. Prosecutors had to use photocopies at the trial.

{NY Times/ Newscenter}


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