California Resident Tests Positive For The Plague

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A Lake Tahoe, California, resident has been diagnosed with the plague, local health officials confirmed on Monday, marking the first time in five years a human case of the disease has been detected in the state.

The infected person is recovering at home under the care of a medical professional, according to a press release from the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency.

An average of seven human plague cases are detected in the U.S. each year, but due to the effectiveness of antibiotics, the overall mortality rate among those infected with plague in the U.S. has decreased to approximately 11%.

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  1. This is terrible. Mamesh frightening. In order to be mikayim the mitzvah of Vinishmartem with all the latest cutting edge hiddurim, we must keep all Shuls and Yeshivos sealed shut for the next 85 years. It’s a tremendous mitzvah to live with constant panic and fear. As of right now I will bl”n wear a huge paper bag over my head 24/7, including when I shower.

  2. Not surprising as California is highly infested with elite Deep State criminals, ESPECIALLY HOLLYWOOD.

  3. When you give jobs to the illegals, you encourage more to come in. These illegals come from countries with non existent medical care, and consequently they bring their infectious diseases when they cross the border. Is the illegals’ “cheap labor” really that cheap?!
    Not even mentioning higher local taxes resulting from expanding public schools and higher police expenses resulting from gangs and drugs.

  4. The most dangerous plague in California are all the left-wing loony Democrats. All statewide elected officials are DemocRAT. The State Legislature has a super-majority of DemocRATs. There are a lot of crazy people in California.


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