Camel Bites Baby’s Head at Israeli Zoo on Chol Hamoed


camelA one-year-old baby suffered moderate injuries when he was bitten by a camel while visiting a southern Israeli zoo with his family Friday.  

The infant was rushed for emergency surgery at Beer Sheva’s Soroka Medical Center; his condition was later said to be stable.

The family was touring the Chai Negev Ecological Village in Kibbuz Revivim when the camel grabbed the infant by the head.

A spokesperson for Soroka Medical Center said that the baby suffered severe injuries to his face and salivary glands. He added that the surgery was completed without complications, and that the child is now in recovery.

“We took him to the operating room immediately after completing the imaging and estimating the damage, and we closed the wound,” said Dr. Liran Timor, an ear, nose and throat specialist at Soroka. “His condition is now stable, he is eating and drinking. He will be just fine.”

The baby’s father filed a statement with the Beer Sheva police, claiming that his son suffered trauma as result of the attack.


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