Cameras May Be Installed at Har Hamenuchos


har-hamenuchosFollowing a series of acts of vandalism at Har Hamenuchos Cemetery in Yerushalayim’s ¬†Givat Shaul neighborhood, including thefts of memorial candle holders and car break-ins, cameras may be installed throughout the cemetery.

According to complaints made to the Chevra Kadisha recently, anonymous figures come to the cemetery and wreak havoc, destroying everything in their path. The Chevra Kadisha blames local authorities for not enforcing the law following these incidents.

“We contacted all of the local authorities, but nothing has been done,” said a Chevra Kadisha spokesman. “The State has shown incompetence in protecting its cemeteries.”

The Chevra Kadisha is now considering the possibility of installing security cameras to deter hooligans.

{Yechiel Sever for Deiah veDibur/}



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