Camp Rayim Cancels Visiting Day Due To Traffic Concerns

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  1. Great news. All camps should adopt the same policy. No more visiting days. If a child is old enough and mature enough to go to a sleepaway camp, there is no need for Parents to shlep up to the Catskills and then back from the Catskills, all in heavy traffic, just to see their sons bunk bed & cubbies. For the rich & famous who can afford to own a home up in the Catskills and can pay 2 separate mortgages, visiting their prized tzatzkel after being separated from them for a few days, (poor baby) is okay, being that they are only 10 minutes away. The greedy camps couldn’t care less about the struggles, hardships, & cost involved with the herd mentality of shlepping upstate for a few hours. End the madness.

    • I don’t think that posting on Matzav will provide the emotional relief you seek. There are many private therapists and clinics if you can’t afford one.

    • nobody forced your hand to send to sleep away camp. as a matter of fact nobody is forcing you to send your kids to camp period.

  2. This is a very wise move, and all the other camps should follow; visiting days in general and moreso visiting day at the same time as the Woodstock event is putting parents under unnecessary pressures and through life threatening risks.
    I’m a Bubby now, but I remember what those visiting days with Woodstock were like.

  3. Visiting day should be renamed and called Counselor’s additional pay day for watching my precious yingle/maidel while I wile away the hours in the women’s circle. No doubt some children are homesick – why were they sent away, to begin with, can you explain that? I never shlepped to visiting day – visiting day is when my child came home to visit me (it’s in this week’s parsha and in Yisro for those unfamiliar with the reasoning).

  4. Since when is it the Parents obligation to pay the counselor’s salary, the JC’s salary, the learning Rebbe’s salary, the waiter’s salary, the lifeguards salary, etc…? We pay enough camp tuition. Now they want to put an extra financial burden on the Parents? One gives a tip (it’s not an obligation) when they feel and know they received a good service. It applies to a barber, car service driver, a home repairman, restaurant waiter, etc. If we’re happy and satisfied, we give. If we’re not, we don’t. Why does the Camp put a tremendous pressure that we MUST give a tip/salary regardless of whether we like the service provided or not?! Something is wrong with this picture.

      • A bored teenage child that stays home in the City during the summer is a recipe for spiritual disaster. In today’s poisoned society, it’s kimat baduk uminusa that the child will go right off the derech.


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