CAN CONFIRM: Scientists Say Coffee Drinkers Have Better Memory

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It’s no secret that shot of caffeine from a morning coffee can give many people a quick boost. Now, a new study finds going for that second and third cup may be good for your brain. Researchers in Portugal say people who regularly drink coffee are not only more alert, but see more activity in their brains as well.

According to the European Food Safety Authority, moderate coffee consumption is typically three to five cups per day. In the new study, researchers from the University of Minho reveal consuming this much caffeine each day can make coffee drinkers more focused while also displaying greater memory and learning abilities.

Scientists examining MRI scans discovered differences in the makeup of the brains between regular coffee drinkers and those who don’t consume the beverage at all. Coffee drinkers had a more “efficient” brain, with quicker connectivity in the cerebellum, the right precuneus, and the right insular.

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  1. People who sleep better remember better.

    Sleeping at night is important, but naps can be quite helpful too.

    Go for quality sleep & quantity sleep.

  2. These are the same scientists who find new covid variants from different countries daily. Had coffee made a difference in memory, most people in the world would’ve have had better memory. What nonsense!

  3. Texas and the fit milk we drink. I put in the tea or folly cult coffee.

    In your good day of money, its the tea that smiles. The coffee puts the gown on the gold. But I like to say that my goal to drink tea is interrupted by my coffee. The price is too good on cream.


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