Can I, Alone, Solve The Pain Of Hunger?


-Communicated- For the vast majority of us, a visit to the local grocery store or supermarket is a most enjoyable experience. Nary do we give it a second thought that we cannot purchase the items on our weekly shopping list. The shelves are filled in abundance with every food product imaginable and we have the luxury to often experiment with new items and spice up our daily meal planning.

Although it may not enter our minds as we stroll through the aisles, it is quite clear upon reflection, to see that we are incredibly fortunate enough to live in a country where food production is growing by leaps and bounds.

solve hungerWe may conclude that no one could possibly be lacking the ability to feed themselves or their families, but tragically, we are greatly mistaken.

For the frum world, with BH, large and growing families, the hunger crisis hits home with an even greater impact.

Providing families with sufficient alimentation has become an arduous and stressful challenge.

This is especially true when it pertains to Shabbos and Yom Tovim.

Acquiring appropriate food can be next to impossible for those confronting severe monetary hardships.

How can I begin to unravel the gnawing enigma of why so many go to bed hungry in the most industrialized and affluent country in the world?

And more to the point, what measures can I take individually to help alleviate the financial burden of those who are facing hunger issues?



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