Canada Immigration Site Crashes as Trump Wins


Canada’s immigration website crashed overnight as a Donald Trump presidency looked likely, and New Zealand also reported a spike in traffic on immigration sites from American citizens.

Twitter was flooded with messages about Canada’s immigration site being down, with many wondering if those against Trump had reacted that swiftly to election results. What was once a joke in the presidential campaign appears to have become a reality, as New Zealand also reported U.S. citizens trying to flock to the country. Immigration officials in New Zealand said a website handling residency issues had received more than 1,500 registrations from U.S. citizens since November 1, more than 50 percent of the monthly average in just one week.

American citizens fearing a Trump win have also reportedly been seeking out employment in New Zealand in recent weeks. Rod Drury, the chief executive of global accounting software firm Xero, told Reuters, “I’ve got lots of messages coming through at the moment asking for a job in New Zealand, and we’re saying ‘yes you can.’” Read more.




  1. i just heard an interview on the radio with a hillary fan who was literally in tears and when the moderator asked her why she was crying her comment was, “he’s such a horrible person”. and may i ask this hillary fan…and hillary is NOT a horrible person with her lying, deceit, self enrichment, exposing top secret emails, etc.? i really don’t get it? perhaps someone can shed some light on something that i might be missing.


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