Canadian FM: Iran Has 2-3 Months to Prove It’s Resolving Nuclear Crisis


canadian-foreign-affairs-minister-john-bairdVisiting Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird has warned Iran that it has only two to three months to prove to the West that it seeks a negotiated resolution to the crisis over its rogue nuclear program. The diplomatic process is “nearing the end,” Baird said.

He added that the election of Hasan Rowhani as president does not justify any further Western patience, since Rowhani, as Iran’s former nuclear negotiator, “doesn’t need to have any time to read up on the files.” “These people don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt,” he added.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. So what is this supposed to mean? Is he speaking on behalf of Canada that an impending military attack is coming in two to three months, on behalf of the ENTIRE west, or just verbally threatening Iran?
    Either way, it’s nice to have someone at least verbally supporting Israel.


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