Canadian Jewish Family Injured in I-81 Rollover


interstate-81A minivan carrying a Canadian family rolled over on Interstate 81 last night, injuring one of the nine occupants seriously enough for authorities to airlift him to a Syracuse hospital, state police said.

The vehicle was traveling north before 10:18 p.m. when a deer crossed in front of it about nine miles south of the Alexandria Bay exit, troopers said. When the driver swerved to avoid the deer, the vehicle crossed over the passing lane and into the median, rolling over several times.

The woman driving the van and seven child passengers were taken to Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown for treatment of what state police described as minor injuries.

The other adult in the car, a male, was flown to Upstate University Hospital with head and possible internal injuries, troopers said.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Wether or not you meant this, your comment implies that you are blaming this accident on the traveler’s omission of this sacred tefilah, otherwise your comment is not only irelevant to this article, yet also brazen to give your haskamah to the age old takannah of Tefilas Haderech. Regardless, if the above deduction is accurate, there’s still quite a lack of taste in your comment.

  2. comment to avreich – If you don’t swerve to miss a deer and you hit a deer, the impact can cause quite a lot of damage and injuries as well.Deer on the road are dangerous to drivers.

  3. Avreich, how could you say “priorities”, do you know how dangerous it is to hit a deer? It’s like going in to a parked car!!!

  4. I personally know this family. They defiantly say Tefilas Haderech. Please daven for Yehuda Pinchas ben Asna. He should have a refuah shelaima

  5. Tefillas haderech IS a must. So is the recognition that after we make our hishtadlus, Hashem still has His plans. Including our davening now.


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