Canadian National Archives Acquires Nazi Study Intended to Facilitate Annihilation of North American Jewry

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A rare booklet just acquired by the Canadian National Archives contains a Nazi study of North American Jewry apparently intended to facilitate their annihilation in the event of a Nazi victory over the United States and Canada.

According to Israeli news site Mako, the book was written by German linguist Heinz Klaus, a Nazi researcher who traveled to the United States in 1936. Using a network of American Nazi supporters, he compiled information on the Jewish communities in North America into a report published in 1944.

The report, entitled “Data, Media, and Organizations of the Jews of the United States and Canada” remained largely unknown until it was sold to the Canadian National Archives for $4,500. The Archives made the purchase public earlier this week, only days before International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Scholars at the Archives believe the report was intended to play a “significant role” in bringing the Holocaust to North America following a Nazi victory. The contents were reportedly “extremely shocking” because of their detail and thoroughness, containing information even on small rural Jewish communities.

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  1. Its scary. You would wonder a danger the same men are in the USA and have much ever our homes and information in their interest and a list of.

    Thank heavens USA has police and bureau. The worry may stop.

    • The nazi’s ym”s were the police. I’m so happy you think that you are safe. Ignorance is bliss. Should antisemitism become more open in the United states it won’t make a difference that there are police. The police themselves will be the ones to torment us.

      • In Ohio, Mr. Portman the senator sent out cards to jews for a jewish holiday. How he got their names I am not sure. Its uncanny.

        The police could check you but they are a department. Doubt a conspiracy.

        Hard. The antisemite is advancing his war record. We must not let them stop in our family rights to exist a terror. We do support things like SPLC and other institutions when appropriate. There must be help and the FBI should be trusted.

  2. Reminds me of a statement Ed Koch made to Harav Lau that he was also a holocaust survivor. The nazis planned to kill all Jews wherever they were so all Jews are survivors. This is a proof.

  3. “Scholars at the Archives believe the report was intended to play a “significant role” in bringing the Holocaust to North America following a Nazi victory.”
    Unfortunately, a part of their plan made it from Germany to the United States. It is called Reform. Some say that Reform is a stream of Judaism, some say it is a branch, and so forth. In fact, Reform is a (German) made up religion that has nothing to do with Judaism whatsoever. Leaders of this fraudulent movement have tried to convince Jews and non-Jews alike to observe their deviant practices and laws which they arbitrarily change at their annual conventions.
    The Reform decided that one need not believe in G-D to be a Jew.
    They decided that you can be considered Jewish if your father is Jewish even if your mother is not.
    They don’t even believe that Hashem gave us his Torah. They believe it was written by different men and women over the years. I’m not making this up. Do some research on your own.

    • WOW!!! You’re 100% correct. I never realized what “Reform” was all about. I thought it was just a secular form of Yiddishkeit. After reading your comment I went to various sources including Google and other sites, I reached out to some friends and even relatives who believe in Reform and what you write is correct. Reform is not Judaism. They don’t believe in Hashem. They don’t believe in a divine Torah. They don’t observe Shabbos or Kashrus. They just don’t practice Judaism. Reform is a total fraud.


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