CANCEL EVERYONE: Harvard Students Push To Strip Conservatives Of Diplomas

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  1. Why only strip them of diplomas? Don’t just stop there!
    Strip them of their citizenships, burn their books, confiscate their property, declare them untermentschen, gather them all in walled neighborhoods, then send them for “resettlement” and special treatment somewhere in the East….
    American Democrat socialists are quickly learning from the National Socialists of yesteryear. Those were also officially Democrats.

  2. The inmates are running the asylum. If I had a Harvard degree I would return it voluntarily after I got back my tuition.

    I also think that any donations by Conservative alumni should be retroactively revoked.

  3. You cannot strip someone of a diploma once awarded, unless there was fraud (fake course grades, etc.). It’s not cancellable, like a software license.

    Once again: we’re in the final throes of the messianic era, and people are acting stupidly. Look for more of this.


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