CANCELLED: Willy Wedding Tonight Pushed Off After Chosson Gets Measles

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Measles has reared its ugly head again, largely thanks to the refusal to vaccinate by anti-vaxxers. The latest korban of the anti-vax minority is a wedding that had been slated to be held tonight at the Vayoel Moshe wedding hall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The simcha has been canceled after the chosson, who hails from Belgium, was found to be afflicted with symptoms of measles. confirmed with the wedding caterer that the simcha has been called off and that no replacement date has been planned as of yet.

The wedding cancellation was a decision rendered by the New York City Department of Health after the groom was found to be a measles victim upon landing on American shores.



  1. Sorry matzav your language is horrific. Yellow journalism at best; hate mongering and biased more like it. Now you clearly stated in the article that the chosson is from out of town. So WHAT ARE YOU BLAMING ANTI VAXXERS HERE FOR?!!?!!!!?

    from a fellow vaxxer who feels you have gone too far blaming and bashing some idealistic-yet-misguided people

  2. Did Matzav also confirm that this Choson was not vaccinatied?
    Other sources are reporting he was vaccinated. If that is true, and the vaccine did not work, it adds some more support towards the anti-vaxxers reasoning.

    • Actually,it gives more chizuk to the normative, vaccination, tzibbur.
      Since vaccinations don’t provide 100 percent immunity,it is a chiuyuv for everyone to get vaccinations to keep to possibility as low as possible.
      The anti-vax chevra loves the fact that me and my kids are vaccinated. I keep them safe and they get to be better-than-thou.
      When a machla like measles or pertussis shows up on their doorstep, they change their tune fast. Don’t let the internet kanoyim fool you otherwise.

    • 99.9% of adults who are getting the measles today were vaccinated as young kids. When will the sheeple learn that these vaccinations are NOT life-time immunity?

      • Even if assuming you 99.9% value, it is also just as true that having survived measles does not guarantee lifetime immunity. As soon as the immune system is compromised (from old age or whatever else) neither one works. And that is exactly why everyone who can must be vaccinated in order to protect not only themselves but also those to protect who cannot protect themselves.

      • Simple google searching will show
        1) a 97% immunity rate to measles with the vaccine
        2) that the majority of measles cases in 2018 were among the un-vaccinated
        why lie?

        • 1) What they’re saying is that 97% are generally not exposed to measles. But auch un vei if they are.
          2) The majority of measles cases were among those who got their double vaccinations as children and were lax in re-vaccinating every 3-5 years. You don’t need Google to realize this. The last few months all adults who contracted the measles were vaccinated as children. None of them were children from anti-vaxxers because they already contracted the measles as kids.

  3. Big deal. So, he missed his own wedding, but now he will have a lifelong immunity, unlike the sheeple who follow gedolei Yisroel AND physicians. He is a hero, who refused to bow down to the “Big Pharma” and their lies. Now, all he has to do is take some vitamins, and hope that he avoids meningitis. How brilliant!

    • Don’t be such a wise ass. This Chosson came from Europe with the symptoms already. Your blaming anti vaxxers for this is absurd. Your generally a very level headed commentor and I actually enjoy your posts. But here your immaturity is coming to the fore.

      • Europe has a strong Anti-vax community. And Antwerp in general in a very backwards underdeveloped nation when it comes to medicine. Talking from experience with facts.

    • and what about if he loses his hearing or suffers brain damage. but go ahead a continue believing peoples made up garbage just to feel unique and special!

    • The chassan’s parents were sheeple who vaccinated their son as a child. THAT’s THE PROBLEM. When will YOU SHEEPLE learn that vaccination is NOT life-time immunity?

    • Now he’ll learn from his parents’ mistake and become an anti-vaxxer, making sure his children contract the childhood measles disease as kids naturally and not ch”v get the dangerous vaccination only to get the measles at their wedding or later.

    • No such a thing as life-long immunity. If he was vaccinated properly and still contracted the disease then it shows his immune system might not be functioning properly and he can easily contract the disease over and over again.

  4. He was vaccinated. He got it because in 3% it is not effective but if 95% of people get it than it usually does not come around. Because of anti-vaxxers too many people are not vaccinated and those who are not immune whether due to intolerance to the vaccine or those on whom it did not work are now at risk

    • Every person can take a simple blood test to see if they are immune. Any Health affiliated workers are required to do so. People who got the shots are not immune and need to retake it. But when everyone , a minimum of 97%, (other than those medically unable to) get the required immunizations, everyone-even those medically at risk (and I don’t mean a fabricated risk) to or those who lost immunity for various reasons, are immune. This is what they call the herd immunity. (The immunized people fight off the virus so it weakens and dies out and leaves the community)

    • He probably came from a yeshiva where measles was going around, due to a low vaccination rate, and he had either a moderate to low immunity.

      • due to a low retaking of the vaccination. These vaccinations must be up to date and taken approx every 3 years. That’s the problem and that is why so man vaxxers are getting the measles today.

          • not 100%. My son took both the 1 year vaccine and the second at 5. And he is not immune. He was went through a rough year -nothing life threatening, just one healthy disease after another- many years back and some of his immunity was weakened.

    • Hey 3:01am antivaxxer liar, the fact is that the choson was not vaccinated. Get that through your feeble mind, once you read this upon your costumary awakening at 2:00pm.

      • Hard to believe, or rather, to digest and admit that it has been proven over and over that the adults who recently contracted the measles were all vaccinated as children. The question remains why are people foolish enough to vaccinate if it’s not life time immunity, unlike those who actually contracted the measles as children. Could you explain? Of course not. Because no vaxxer was able to explain for the past few months.

        • Simple searching on CDC and other reputable websites will show that the majority of cases are among the unvaccinated
          97% immunity after two vaccins is the number given on reputable websites
          Very few things n this world is 100% guaranteed

          • Checking it out on CDC is like checking out the shidduch by the shadchan who is suggesting it and relying on it. Or relying 100% on the advice from a salesperson who wants to sell you his goods.

    • If you would read all the very informative articles, they clearly explain the way vaccinations work. In short, the complete community needs to vaccinate(97%) in order for a community to rid itself of a disease. Now, we have a large percent of anti-vaxxers among our community, Europe being much higher than USA. When you have large percentages of non-vaccinated members in a community, the concept of herd immunity goes out the window. Although the majority of people still vaccinate, clusters of unvaccinated has increased a lot. And it is these groups of unvaccinated, children and adults, that are leading to a rise in outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases that are getting harder to control.
      The anti-vaxx movement is not new, it was around in the 1700’s too. The movement basically has the same agenda as in earlier time. One thing that stands out is that people have grasped on to the idea of the “Natural” and homeopathic trend, it is the new Medicine movement of today. Alternative medicines, from vitamins only, homeopathic “medicines” easily available , electromagnetic therapy magnets, holistic medicine, just to list a few ( many going under the lav of avoida zara ) these things go hand in hand with the modern anti-vaccine movement. (not all people, but majority. Look around, majority of the anti-vaxxers will not go to a family practitioner (who doesn’t practice alternative medicine) and not take antibiotics either. )
      That is why the anti-vaxxers are to blame!

  5. The sinas chinam this debate has caused is keeping Moshiach from coming. How many more korbanos like little Amiad Yisrael HY”D do we need c”v before we stop this disgusting bickering?

    • Nobody is hating anybody here, just stating facts and opinions and HATING THEIR STANCE AND OPINIONS. That is not sinas chinom. There is no halacha against arguing. Maybe you should have written “stop the name calling”. People are halachically allowed to have opinions and debate them.

  6. So what’s the message as far as the marriage/zivug between these 2? Is it a sign that maybe they should look elsewhere? Does it mean that they are both not just ready for marriage yet?

  7. wondering: There is a time a place for everything! This is proof that there is only one who controls the world and what happens here.

  8. I’m curious
    Is there any anti vaxxer who actually had these diseases? Because I know people who had the measles and all of them speak unequivocally that they would prefer to spare their children from the misery they went through

  9. This convoluted so-called “principle” of “Herd Immunity” (mentioned here and in numerous other comments on Matzav), that the vaccines “work” only when EVERYONE gets vaccinated, reminds me of the following severely tragic incident in our history:

    At one point in a certain (evidently, European) country, the government there issued a severely abusive decree (it may have actually been a decree of expulsion, R’L) against its Jewish population. However, there was a prominent Rav there who had an exceptionally good personal relationship with the king of the country. So numerous communal activists came to that Rav and asked him to go to the king and speak to him and request him to please back off on the decree.

    The Rav replied that he would certainly go, just as soon as he Davened Mincha. However, the activists were heavily insistent that he go IMMEDIATELY (they probably argued that this was a problem of Pikuach Nefesh and thus, Al Pi Halacha, he should not delay action on it to do the Davening). So — it was probably against his better judgment — the Rav left without first Davening Mincha. We will soon see that this not Davening Mincha first) led to utter calamity.

    When the Rav arrived at the royal complex and was ushered into the royal reception hall, the king was overjoyed to see him and embraced him and began talking with him. After a short while though, a very prominent priest, with whom the king was also very good friends, entered. At this, the king excused himself from the Rav and went over to the priest and began conversing with him. Realizing that the king and the priest would priest would probably be talking for a good while, the Rav figured that now would be a good time for him to Daven Mincha, which, as related above, he had not yet done. So he moved over to a quiet corner of the room and began saying the Tefilos.

    The priest — who was obviously an extremely wicked Sonei Yisroel — out of the corner of his eye saw what the Rav was doing and thought of a horrendously fiendish plan. He paused in his conversation with the king and indicated to the king and the numerous assistants and officers present that he had an important announcement to make. He declared that he wanted to give their dear beloved king a very special blessing, which would bring on the king and the whole country much health and prosperity and all things good.

    HOWEVER, in order for this special blessing to work, the priest stressed that everyone will need to listen very carefully to it and, when it is finished, all will have to answer “Amein.”

    When he saw that everyone was ready and eagerly waiting to hear his holy, holy, holy, “royal benediction,” he proclaimed a few sentences in Latin, upon which everyone emphatically shouted a heartfelt “AMEIN!!”

    Then, the priest asked everyone: “Now, did everyone say ‘Amein’?” to which everyone, nodding their heads, happily reply: “Yes!!” “Yes!!” But the priest asks again: “Are you sure that EVERYONE said ‘Amein’???” and again, everyone — now though, not completely sure but almost sure — replies: “Uh, Yes, Yes!” Then the priest continues: “But are you ABSOLUTELY SURE that EVERYONE said ‘Amein’???????”

    Now though, one of the people, looking in the direction of the corner where the Rav had went, states: “Oh, that guy over there!!” at which everyone else also looks in that direction, and seeing the Rav, there is murmuring as many of them remark: “Yeah, that Jew rabbi!!” It is glaringly obvious that the Rav, being fully absorbed in saying his prayers (which we know was Davening Mincha), did not even hear anything the priest was saying and certainly did not say any answers that the priest had wanted to hear.

    Upon this, the priest begins to loudly scream and wail: “Ay!!” “Ay!!” “Ay!!” “Ay!!” “There were so many wonderful blessings that I had wanted to bring on our king, but this Jew ruined it all!!!!!!!!!!! And now, instead of blessings, all kinds of terrible things are going to come!!” “Ay!!” “Ay!!” “Ay!!” “Ay!!”

    Needless to say, with immense fury and with the full agreement of the king, the hotly enraged group grabbed the Rav and killed him and the decree of expulsion on the Jews in the country was fully enacted.

  10. (Conclusion of remark)

    Yes, that medieval evil priest, Yimach Shemo V’Zichro, declared a “blessing” for all, but strictly stipulated that for it to work, it had to be “Amein”ed by all, and so that “terrible” “Jew Rabbi,” Hashem Yinakeim Damo, who did not “Amein” it, had to be “eliminated.” So too, the MODERN DAY priests of the god of Modern Medicine, loudly proclaim that the holy, holy, holy vaccinations will “save us all” from all sickness and harm and “bless us all” to be healthy and wealthy and all things good. But they strictly stipulate that, that is ONLY if EVERYONE — or, at least, ALMOST everyone — “gets their shots”!! Now those “self-centered,” “selfish,” “irresponsible,” “deluded,” “crazy” “Anti-Vaxxers” — they reject the holy god of Modern Medicine; they refuse to take the holy, holy vaccine shots. So they are “ruining” “everything”; they are “bringing” on “everyone” disease and death and everything bad. If they would all just be swept away, we would all have a very, very happy day!!


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