The Pre-Raise for the RCCS ASAP Campaign is now on!

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 Cancer patients in your neighborhood are pleading for your support NOW!

Unfortunately, there are R”l too many cancer patients in your neighborhood and in every other community. They are staring down a most frightening diagnosis – and desperately rely on RCCS to make it through.

RCCS conducts extensive medical research, provides medical referral and support, serving as the patient’s virtual “back office” from beginning to end. RCCS gets each patient into the best doctor for their diagnosis; this includes handling their medical records and expediting appointments. RCCS provides insurance guidance and advocacy, helping a patient navigate the complex world of insurance, and advocating for them when an insurer rejects a claim. RCCS provides crucial financial support, paying patients’ full insurance premiums and subsidizes out-of-pocket medical costs – ensuring that finances never stand between a patient and world class treatment. In addition, the RCCS Care Management team helps patients and their families access the full gamut of financial and logistical assistance available through individual donors and other organizations.

It costs over $12 million a year for RCCS to cover its global operations; including paying insurance premiums and other patient expenditures. But the Covid-19 lockdown presents the greatest funding threat RCCS has faced since its founding in the 1990s. Crucial fundraising events and drives in Flatbush, Monsey, Queens, Five Towns and Elizabeth needed to be cancelled in recent months – leaving RCCS with a substantial budget gap.

But the fight against cancer can’t pause!

The RCCS ASAP campaign is a united effort of friends in these neighborhoods and others around the country to help cover local RCCS budgets in lieu of the traditional fundraising events. With your help, this campaign will help RCCS reduce its budget gap and continue providing lifesaving services to cancer patients uninterrupted.

The RCCS “ASAP” pre-campaign has begun. Please visit ASAP and donate generously. This campaign is crucial to the organization’s ability to continue during these historically difficult times. Your donation will count towards the campaign goal and provide momentum when the campaign goes live on Tuesday.  Thanks for doing your part to save the lives of cancer patients in your neighborhood!

Click Here To Donate Now For Pre-Campaign 


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