Cantor: US Enemies ‘Emboldened’ by Obama’s Weak Foreign Policy

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cantorHouse Majority Leader Eric Cantor condemned President Barack Obama’s foreign policy in a major national security speech on Monday that warned of a “brutal” Iran becoming a nuclear power.

In the remarks given at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va., the Virginia Republican said that American allies fear U.S. enemies feel empowered under Obama’s leadership and that the nation’s status as a world power has vastly diminished.

“America’s friends worry we have lost our way, that we have lost the will to live up to our values or stand up to aggressors,” Cantor was scheduled to say.

“They see a divided, inward-looking America that is focused on its weaknesses rather than its strengths, and they know this is an America that invites challenges and emboldens adversaries.”

“I can imagine few more destabilizing moments in world history than Iran on the threshold of being a nuclear power,” he said. “Make no mistake: Iran is a brutal theocracy. Its leaders violently repress dissent at home and support conflict and chaos abroad. We should lay the groundwork now for additional sanctions in the event Iran violates the terms of the interim agreement.”

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  1. The President can’t initiate any military action that might cost American lives because he knows that the House of Representatives will immediately attempt to sabotage him, no matter what the cost to the country and its citizens. This is what happened with Syria – he was prepared to go in and then there was the Congressional theatrics of shut-down and potential default. You don’t send soldiers into harm’s way unless you’re sure you’ll be able to support them. He was being responsible – something that Congress has forgotten exists.

    Let the House show that it’s willing to support intervention and not just stage “bring him down” theatrics, and you’ll see more foreign policy resolve. Let Mr. Cantor take the blame for his own complaint.

  2. President Obama had executive power to punish Syria. It was his RED LINE! The president chose to put the onus on Congress. Punishing Syria might have led to a confrontation with Russia. There was never a thought of putting U.S. troops on the ground. All in all I believe that President Obama made the right decision. But, #1 (oldtimer) get your facts straight.

  3. why doesn’t israel use that type of bomb that would destroy all electricity in iran and effectively put them back in the “stone age”?

  4. with Obama in office
    no world leader is afraid of anything
    as the president appears powerless with no agenda or goals except for hands off everything

  5. Since Mr. Cantor is rarely in the news, I give him credit for a less regular expression of his “republican” disdain for human trust. But really, this is not a caliper of Mr. Obama to remove the future’s simplicity and break in a distinct realm of unnerving planning. It would be good to see every president continue in the better reasoning of previous minds if there can be a documented vision that continues in the American Presidency. Mr. Obama has many assets, though his relativity in the circles of Israel and other Middle Eastern Concerns are lagging. He can use a little bump on the shoulder, but Mr. Cantor is trying to put a foot in front of Mr. Obama’s walk. This is a sin and a corruption and you have not seen any where near enough GOP minds that are actually working on the real problems and not trying to step on someone else’s common sense. This is a crime, yet we will not go to far on hurdling bait at Mr. Cantor this time. Let the cards keep falling.


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