CAPTAIN CUOMO: NY Governor Shuts Down Planned Satmar Wedding, Continues Targeting of Frum Community

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo slammed the hammer down today on a planned Satmar wedding, while also announced that he – the same man who forced Covid patients into nursing homes and then wrote a book about his heroics – has a new strategy for beating back Covid-19 into the fall and winter months by targeting “micro-clusters.”

Cuomo claimed that the aforementioned wedding would have been attended by “upwards of 10,000 individuals.”

With the help of anti-Orthodox activists, including the Yaffed Organization, the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office tipped off authorities to the wedding, which was to be held in Williamsburg – outside of the so-called “cluster zones.” But still, having heard of an expected 10,000 people at the event, the state health commissioner served an order last night by the New York City Sheriff’s Office to put a stop to the Satmar chasunah which was to celebrated the marriage of an ainikel of Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum of Satmar.

The governor averred that his new plan to target Covid would no longer be at the statewide or regional level, but “block-by-block.”

“For fall we are going to deploy a micro-cluster strategy,” he said. “We have been targeting all our actions either … statewide … or we reopened on a regional level. We are now going to analyze it block-by-block. We have data so specific that we can’t show it because it could violate privacy conditions. We know exactly where the new cases are coming from.”

Not surprisingly, Cuomo said that Orange, Rockland, Queens and Brooklyn counties – all Orthodox Jewish communities – contain micro-clusters.

He made no mention of other non-Jewish areas that have seen spikes.

In the same breath, Cuomo claimed that New York has one of the lowest infection rates at a 1.1% average.

An askan with the Satmar community told that the 10,000 number was not based on any substantiated evidence, but an assumption made by someone at some level of government.

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  1. FYI- STALIN CUOMO sent in his STORMTROOPERS to a Yidishe Child Care school with GUNS and terrorized the little children and teachers – the only thing missing was the SWASTIGA on their uniform.


    Chabad has cancelled its international Kinus Hashluchim which has only 4-5000.

  3. what did Stalin do in Communist Russia – CLOSED ALL SYNAGOGUES AND YESHIVAS – they then went underground and learned and davened until COMMUNISM fell .

    CUOMO NEVER LEARNED HISTORY – he will have the same mapuleh

    • except you have an avenue to learn Torah but you don’t like it. computers exist and so do phones. Torah isn’t being banned its just being inconvenienced. the jews in the soviet union would jump for joy if they had this opportunity to learn Torah out of the watchful eye of real tyranny! all seforim are available all sidurim are too you don’t have to be worried being caught with them! so again don’t minimize the pain of europeon jewrys suffering when your luxury is a joke to theirs!

  4. While the trouble makers here will await their consequences, we might all tolerate the cancelling of an obscene situation of a huge wedding. Such events might be dramatic, even enjoyable. The percentage of articles in this website and others that reflects a competitive drive fir penniless families, whether related to corona or not, is huge. Does our community need to invest in these events rather than support the growing number of families that have been thrust into poverty?

    I also disagree with calling Cuomo Captain. Fuhrer would be more appropriate. He is attempting to mimic Haman and other enemies of Klal Yisroel. Today he closes schools and shuts. What’s tomorrow’s gezairoh?

    • here we go again comparing coumo to pure evil is a joke. if you want your kid to have a Jewish education its not being stoped you can do it over computer and phone its not ideal. but its not the greeks outlawing judiasm!

  5. No micro-clusters in frum areas of Manhattan or the Bronx. I went to outdoor minyans this Shabbat in the Bronx with social distancing and universal mask wearing. We have no big weddings. We have no funerals except graveside for the immediate family; friends can watch on the internet. Jewihs schools are actually open but they have dramatically reduced class size (for example, auditoriums and gyms are now being used for classes at one school), fewer partitions, and disinfected HVAC systems.

    We CAN be responsible. We MUST be responsible.

  6. Shutting down 10k people isn’t “targeting the jewish community”. Can’t you just follow the rules and stop making the rest of us suffer?

    • Dear 10:53 “follow the rules” fool, nope, don’t follow the rules when they have nothing to do with stopping an already stopped epidemic, but have everything to do with a fascist control of the frum population. How do I know that? Staring back in May and going on for months after that, much more numerous BLM protests were not discouraged by the same Cuomo regime, but encouraged – from here we see that Cuomo’s real intention has nothing to do with Covid19. Coincidentally, there was not a major spike(talking about fatalities, not supposed “cases” from which no one dies, since major fatalities was the only reason why this unprecedented assault on our constitutional rights was justified to begin with) in NYC after May, despite hundreds of thousands of BLM protesters being in very close quarters unsanitary conditions – from here we see that NYC has reached a herd immunity stage already; Cuomo is a socialist-fascist demonrat, who knows it’s all over, yet continues the pretend-demic as a justification for his ideological enemies.

  7. Coumo is wrong here Hear the famous American Frontline Doctors
    Watch 40 Board certified Doctors State that ‘ Masks are dangerous and unhelpful for any virus ‘.
    They Reject Social distancing there is no science behind it …Yesterday this was recorded ,Standing on the Steps of the Supreme Court !…..they say ‘Dont listen to the talking heads in the Media’ ! ‘Dont wear a Mask . It doesn’t help at all!’
    Reject Group Think!

  8. most likely people from all over would have attended this. could you imagine if somebody there had corona. it would have traveled to a bunch of communities overnight!

  9. Don’t you understand that it has nothing to do with a virus or other medical nonsense and everything to do with the Draining of the Swamp, President Trump’s goal? The Satmar wedding would be the best place for the Invisible Enemy to hide. Do you expect Fake News to tell you this?

    THE EARTH IS BEING CLEANED and the Deep State Cabal who’ve infested the earth for hundreds of years are FINALLY B”H being eradicated.

    • “The Satmar wedding would be the best place for the Invisible Enemy to hide.”

      Please do yourself a favor and get checked into a mental facility asap

  10. Why are we still planning weddings like this?
    Aren’t we just adding fuel to the fire?
    Shouldn’t we be complying with takanos for weddings anyway?

  11. “The Satmar wedding would be the best place for the Invisible Enemy to hide.”

    Please do yourself a favor and get checked into a mental facility asap


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