Car of Lubavitch Bochurim Traveling To Lakewood To Distribute “Likras Shabbos” Booklets Explodes

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car-explodes-9Last Thursday, Lubavitcher bochurim spending their time distributing a chassidic publication were saved from an unexpected car explosion.

They were traveling to frum neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey to deliver the “Likras Shabbos” booklet when their vehicle went up in flames.

“We were heading to Lakewood when suddently I felt a heat wave on my face,” said Meir Shlomo Butman, the driver of one of the cars that are part of the distribution.

“Flames suddenly started blowing out from the hood,” he said. “I think the height was a meter and a half. It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. I immediately stopped the car and shouted to my friend to jump out.”

Butman said that a few seconds later, after they were out of the car, “we heard the explosion and the car was on fire. I don’t even want to think what would happen if we had remained in the car.”

“Likras Shabbos,” with chassidic insight and commentary on the weekly parsha, is widely read in Chabad and frum communities around the world.

See below for photos:

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  1. What does this story have to do with what seforim they were carrying or what chassidish sect they are associated with? These details are pointless.

  2. Bs”D Boruch Hashem that the bochurim were saved. Shluchei Mitzva have special protection. Hashem is kind. May we all merit the special protection until we have the Geulah Sheleima.

  3. You are falling into the same trap as ———–and ————–. you are trying to make everyone happy by kissing up to chabad. you will end up alienating everyone else until a third website pops up. I assume you need chabad since they have not banned internet and need them for financial reasons. what a shame.


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