“Carrot and Stick”: Israel to Support Palestinians “Who Desire Co-Existence”

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Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman unveiled a new policy toward Palestinians in the West Bank on Wednesday based on the “carrot and stick” model: economic benefits for families and villages that have not produced terrorists and harsher punishment for those areas from which terrorists originate.

“Its purpose is to continue to give benefits to those who desire co-existence with us and make life difficult for those who seek to harm Jews….Anyone who is prepared for co-existence will prosper, while those who opt for terrorism will lose.”

Areas that will benefit immediately include Beit Sahur, where a hospital will be built; western Nablus, where an industrial zone will be built; and Kafr Bidia, where a soccer field will be built. Infrastructure plans will also be expanded in Kalkilya, Hableh and Izbat Tabib, and an economic corridor will be opened from Jericho to Jordan.

One of the key elements of the plan involves holding talks with Palestinian figures without the approval of the Palestinian Authority. Lieberman noted that PA officials speak to all parts of Israeli society, while Israel holds talks only with PA officials or those who have received the approval of the PA. “Our goal is to create a dialogue with anyone who wants to talk to us.”

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  1. Judge the idea as simple. The world must accommodate the men and women and children in the zones which are not yet affiliated with the State of Israel for a Greater Israel.

    Safe to bet that the palestinian can find pace and profession in many places outside of the borders of Greater Israel. He can move to America or else in the middle east. Should he do so, we can pray Hashem will keep him and his family in some strength.

    Still, the future must have accommodation for humanity that is living. This is a good plan.

    We can hope to expect that the actions of good faith in Israel continue and are noted by world community. This story should be on the news so that the world will indeed agree that this problem with terror is not the Jewish State constantly aggressively against the living palestinian population. They are not working enough for a better infrastructure or peace.

    Terrible terror is not the way and it will not be tolerated in America, elsewhere or of course in Israel.

    Tangential trash values are not humanity.

    G-d bless The Sane Future of the Holy Land. We can work and contribute.


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