Carson: I’m Open to Being Trump’s VP

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While voters across New Hampshire make their picks in the first-in-the-nation primary vote, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson told Fox Business Network host Neil Cavuto he is “open” to being Donald Trump’s vice-presidential pick.

“I certainly would sit down and discuss it with him,” Carson said of Trump, who currently leads the polls in New Hampshire.

Carson, while still in the primary race, has consistently polled below five percent in the state and plans on missing his own campaign party Tuesday evening. Read more at Mediaite.



  1. Eh, Reb Ben. It aint going to happen. Nothing personal, but you seem to be a bit tzushlafin & Donald is looking for a high energy person.

  2. Tick tac Toe. His worth is in the blinders of his existence.

    This guy is so tacky that his Ticks of his wrist watch are bigger than the Toes on his foot.

    He can be the X or the O but he can not be the Time or the Betterment.

    Safe to see if you have a meningioma. Maybe not if you have Iran on your back door.

    Time to let the child’s games go.

    Tic Tac GO!


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