Carson: Obama Offered Me Surgeon General “Before They Found Out Who I Really Was”

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Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon and former GOP presidential candidate, said the Obama administration once offered him the surgeon general position. “You know George W. Bush offered me that position,” Carson said Monday on the Alan Colmes Show. “The Obama administration, before they found out who I really was, offered me that position.”

Carson went on to say he is not interested in a “government position” in a potential Trump administration. He is slated to address the Republican National Convention Tuesday night. Read more at BUZZFEED NEWS.



  1. Gaggle.

    This man is so egg minded that even his water glass has yolk on it.

    Seriously. I hope he has more respect for any role for his physician life in the future. It is clear his politics are a complete zero. I might think that just reviewing papers for a neurosurgical journal might be his best bet.

    It seems that the common days seem to think that any minority is the priority now for surgeon general. The medical qualifications have not in my thoughts been as strongly considered at all. C. Everett Koop was himself the best in my lifetime and I have not seen a single person in this office since this new person today that seems even halfway medically competent. In all thoughts, the current Surgeon General is so young that his books are still being bought. I wonder if they will get more people in their strongest futures in that office. This guy today is o.k. but I want a good doctor I can look to as a friend who knew many years of medicine. Its a great office to find in your older years.

    Seriously, are we living in a constricted society of poor minds that just need a cheesy new day of “hey we educated the poor”? We can do better. We can work for strong futures with the esteem of the aged generation too.

    Too much hate-hype is the big problem today. Everyone is trying to eat the french fries of existence and has forgotten that there might still be wine. Cheap days we have. And Mr. Carson is not a favorite of even many in medicine.

    Stand up and keep your faith today. We must have more discretion for Torah. Only Israel has the esteem of the world that must be kept strong in all sense.

    And thus you are not a Gadol at 29. Small, but we need our older generation to be strong too.



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