Cataclysm If Biden Makes DC, Puerto Rico States

Demonstrators march on a highway blocking traffic during a protest in San Juan, Puerto Rico, onJuly 22, 2019. CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Xavier Garcia.
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Democratic candidate Joe Biden has strongly endorsed statehood for both Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

If he wins the November election, he may sweep into power with a Democrat-led House and Senate, giving his party the ability to make state extended statehood a fact.

Adding one or two new and Democrat states could be cataclysmic for the GOP’s future in controlling Congress and future presidential elections.

Statehood for both Puerto Rico and the District would add four senators to Congress, all likely to be Democrats.

“Electorally speaking, it would be an earth-changing event,” Tampa Bay-based political consultant Anthony Pedicini said of the possibility of two new states becoming part of the country. “It would change the game and majorly upset the electoral balance of the U.S.”

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  1. Whlle the new state replacing the District of Columbia will certainly elect two Democrats, that is absolutely not certain regarding Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans on the island are very conservative in many ways. Presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush all supported statehood for Puerto Rico.

    Alaska was supposed to be a Democratic state and Hawaii a Republican state.

  2. Fearless bad cronyism is all I have seen from Puerto Rico in my life.

    Trump’s sense of its entitlements is brick solid.

    The territory should cub a cut.

  3. dc shouldn’t be a state the whole point was that it was not in a state from the beginning otherwise it would have never been split off from other states.


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