Catholic HS: Sorry for Anti-Jewish Chant

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Administrators at Catholic Memorial high school in Massachusetts have apologized on behalf of their students, some of whom chanted “You killed J—-” at a Friday basketball game between the Catholic school’s team and a team from Newton, a heavily Jewish community.

“As I walked in, a parent was shaken about what happened. I know there’s a lot of concern in the Newton North community,” David Fleishman, Newton’s superintendent, said. “She could not believe this was happening in 2016, to hear something so insensitive and so troubling.” Read more at CBS News.



  1. Whether yeishu is roshei teivos of imach shemo vezichro or is an actual name, would only be honored to execute the evil mamzer. So, if they tell us we killed their gymnast, we should only feel proud. Only the assimilationists would feel bad.

  2. The administrators of the Catholic school immediately stopped the chant. They then apologized for their students actions and had the students themselves apologize as well. The Boston archdiocese also apologized and condemned the chant.
    While we’re condemning the taunting (as we should; it was vile and inexcusable), lets also recognize that all responsible parties reacted appropriately and swiftly.


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