Caught on Camera: A Woman Steals Another Lady’s Purse At The Supermarket In The Arena Mall In Israel

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    • Could you imagine her embarrassment if she’d see the clip before cops are at her door?
      This is what we’ll feel like after 120, as the Mishne in Pirkei Avos (2:1) states עין רואה ואוזן שומעת וכל מעשיך בספר נכתבין

    • The surveillance camera monitors all day. They just cut a piece of the video taken starting before anything happens.

    • They only went to watch the footage AFTER the bag was stolen! Then they zoomed in and panned as needed to get a better look. Security camera’s are constantly recording. It’s not like they just go on a few seconds before something happens!

  1. Jewish 1st – No one was watching while it was going on!! It was caught on the security camera which is in operation all the time. Afterwards, when the theft was reported, they checked their cameras to see if the theft was in view, which is was. You viewed a clip of the store showing the theft to the woman whose bag was stolen. You can hear them talking in Hebrew and commenting.


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