CBO: Senate Gop Health-care Bill Would Leave 22 Million More People Uninsured By 2026

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Senate Republicans’ bill to erase major parts of the Affordable Care Act would cause an estimated 22 million more Americans to be uninsured by the end of the coming decade, while reducing federal spending by $321 billion during that time, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The forecast issued Monday by Congress’ nonpartisan budget scorekeepers appeared to rapidly erode Republicans’ confidence in the bill, with at least four GOP lawmakers saying by the evening that they would vote against even starting debate on it.

By late Monday, several senators and aides appeared nervous and unsure about the path forward. They hedged on the timing of that procedural vote and suggested the workweek could stretch beyond Friday. Still, there was some hope for salvaging the effort, and GOP leaders were still looking for ways to make last-minute changes that might garner crucial support needed to pass the bill this week.

(c) 2017, The Washington Post · Amy Goldstein, Kelsey Snell



  1. 22 millions left without insurance and the sky is falling?! Who said? The same people who forecasted Obama Care to actually drop the insurance premiums?!


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