CBS Poll: Israel Can’t Count on US Public If Iran Attacks


ahmadinejadIsrael would find itself without widespread support from the American public for United States reprisals against Iran if Tehran attacks the Jewish State, according to a new CBS poll.

The survey gave respondents several options on which actions by Iran would justify an American attack. Three-quarters of the respondents would support an American attack on the Islamic Republic under various circumstances, but 25 percent rejected any attack–even if Iran were to strike on American soil.

Only 15 percent of the respondents would support an American counter-attack if Iran were to limit its attack to Israel, although another 13 percent said that the United States should attack Iran if it conducts a nuclear weapons test. Presumably, some or all of the same 13 percent might also back a strike if Israel were attacked, bringing the theoretical total to 28 percent.

Approximately 25 percent would support American retaliation if the Islamic Republic were to strike on American soil, and a similar number said an attack on the U.S.fleet in the Persian Gulf, where approximately half of the world’s oil and gas supplies flow, would be enough to justify reprisals.

The results of the poll by CBS’ 60 Minutes program and Vanity Fair magazine showed surprising anti-war sentiment. Nearly a quarter of the respondents said they “would never support” a war with Iran.

The poll is particularly significant because the Congressional midterm elections are only four weeks away, and President Barack Obama is struggling to fight off what the polls show will be a severe voter rebellion against his Democratic party.

Surveys have shown that voters are concerned with domestic issues, particularly health and the economy, and have little interest in Israeli affairs and the Iranian nuclear threat. President Obama’s new appointment of White House Chief of Staff Peter Rouse, replacing Rahm Emanuel, reflects a strategy to focus less on foreign policy issues.
The CBS poll also covered the Ground Zero Mosque, and 63 percent said they agree with opponents to the planned Muslim religious community center near Ground Zero. Only 30 percent expressed backing for the developers of the project.

Following are the results of the poll on Iran:

Which would cause you to support a war with Iran?

•Only if Iran attacks U.S. soil: 26 percent
•If Iran attacks the U.S. fleet: 28 percent
•If Iran tests a nuclear bomb: 13 percent
•If Iran attacks Israel: 15 percent
•Nothing: 18 percent

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  1. I wouldn’t see this as anti-Semitism or anything like that. It’s obvious the public believes the US has overextended itself and can’t afford to get involved in another conflict and they don’t want Israel to retaliate because the Mid East is already enough of a war-torn region. However, I bet the same majority of people who opposed US and Israeli action would be quite adamant about retaliating if Iran attacked the US. I don’t think the US could simply sit by and watch as Iran attacks Israel but it also does not have the resources to wage a full-out war. I think the best course would be limited, yet sufficient action to cripple their military and regime.

  2. I would agree with #1, I also think that this poll reflects the extent to which the troubles at home have blinded a large percentage of the American public to the Iranian threat. People are so worried about the economy – which is undoubtedly a major concern – that they do not realize that if Iran is not stopped, there might not be an economy left to worry about.

  3. mainstream media now tells you what their owners want you believe rather than report what is actually happening. case in point: the economic conditions of America. CA is in the toilet, and the media wants you to believe the recession ended a year ago. all BS. nothing but BS, all the time. Americans will always stand up for the little guy; even if it were strictly a volunteer army of civilians


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