CDC Flips Again, Says Covid Spreads Through Airborne Transmission

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its coronavirus guidance Monday, acknowledging that it can sometimes spread through airborne particles that can “linger in the air for minutes to hours” and among people who are more than 6 feet apart.

The CDC cited published reports that demonstrated “limited, uncommon circumstances where people with COVID-19 infected others who were more than 6 feet away or shortly after the COVID-19-positive person left an area.”

Read more at CNBC.



    • A piece of bluff and chareidim are being beaten for it - not the secular who have huge protests almost daily in Israel

      This will not stop fools from taking the tests and still believing in positive/negative results and in Coroney Baloney altogether.

    • Really corrupt? The entire world relies on the CDC for tracking diseases and guidance. And are the expert to claim they are corrupt? How so? What is your proof?

      Any guidance they release has footnotes that reference the studies used to develop the guidelines. But I doubt you are educated enough to realize your idiocy.

  1. Thanks “ummm….” maybe matzav can retract, delete or modify this inflammatory deceptive article. Stick to the documented, research based information. It prevents much confusion among our community which inundates your site and others


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