CDC Releases Tools To Assist With Reopening Schools Safely

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday released various virtual tools and guidelines geared toward assisting schools and educational staff around the country, as in-person classes are set to resume in the fall following the coronavirus outbreak.

The suggestions, which are listed on the agency’s website, are also designed to help parents make certain their children are as protected as possible by taking specific precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“With states, cities, and communities around the United States experiencing different levels of coronavirus transmission, jurisdictions should ensure appropriate public health strategies are in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 as the first step in creating a safer school environment,” the CDC said.

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  1. Note: The CDC does not require children to wear face masks. They only encourage it for older children, realizing that it is not realistic.

    On the subject of face masks, they are NOT dangerous for healthy people.
    The manufacturer of those meters said the tests in the videos are flawed, as the people doing these tests are ignorant of what the meters are meant to measure. They are meant to measure the intake of oxygen. The tests that set off the alarms were being used to measure exhaled oxygen. When one breathes out into a mask, the amount of CO2 being blown at the meter and not immediately dissipating will set off an alarm. But as soon as he inhales, considering that CO2 and oxygen particles are so small, and that the masks are not sealed, a HEALTHY PERSON will breathe in sufficient oxygen. The minimal extra CO2 he brings in is easily filtered and sent out of his body by some organs. The extra effort of breathing through a mask does sometimes cause headaches. This is why surgeons have worn masks for long periods of time for many years and suffered no harm. The only harm has come from wearing completely sealed N95 masks for extended periods of time. That is not recommended. I know that I have not completely explained this. However, the manufacturer explains this much better than I just did.

    Is this all true? I am not a scientist. But their explanation of the difference between amounts of oxygen being exhaled or inhaled definitely holds at least as much weight as a YouTube video posted by a person who is probably ignorant in what oxygen monitors are manufactured to measure, and what an alarm on the meter means. ‘Real proof’ has to be real and has to be proof. (I haven’t yet seen an explanation why we don’t find surgeons dying from constantly wearing masks.)


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