CDC Study Reveals Evidence Of Coronavirus Spread On Airplanes

Photo by Spencer Fehrenbacher.
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COVID-19 has been shown to spread on airplanes even among asymptomatic travelers, according to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The study, which was published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, found evidence of transmission on an evacuation flight from Milan, Italy, to Seoul, South Korea in late March.

Before boarding the flight, around 300 passengers were screened for virus symptoms and given an N95 mask, researchers said.

When the passengers arrived, they were quarantined by the government for two weeks and regularly tested, according to the study

Six of the travelers — who were asymptomatic — tested positive at the start of the quarantine, researchers said.

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  1. What does that show? They weren’t tested before the flight, only screened. They may have had the virus before boarding, and only discovered it through the test after the flight.

    • Read the article
      She took off the N95 inside the restroom. The toilet is extremely dangerous due to aerosol generation, especially so for an airplane-type restroom. The paper says:

      the most plausible explanation for the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to a passenger on the aircraft is that she became infected by an asymptomatic but infected passenger while using an onboard toilet.

      Also, an unvalved N95 will probably be moist if worn 11 hours nonstop, even in low humidity such as the airplane cabin. Ideally one should replace the mask when it feels moist.

    • Welcome to the world of sheker. It suits the media to keep people in fear of the pandemic, at least, as Trump puts it, “until after November 3”, so this ridiculous story becomes evidence of spread on an airplane. They’re betting most people won’t read past the headline…

  2. Since we learned that coronavirus is not actually a virus but radiation which is not contagious, are they saying they installed 5G cells in airplanes causing corona radiation symptoms?

    • And even this is fake news because NOBODY died of covid19. They died from other sickness, illnesses, car accidents flu shots that killed the immune system causing death to those with breathing problems, etc.


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